Thunder Molloy

My coaching practice focuses on presence, consciousness and transitions. I am also an artist who seeks beauty. I choose to live passionately, stay connected to my body and follow my preferences.

As a past Systems Manager, I have re-purposed my expertise in being able to both see the big picture of desired outcomes, and focus on the details of what makes that outcome possible.

As an Awareness Coach, I facilitate your own inner wisdom to come forward and work out the more subtle details of life to create a vital aliveness in your big-picture experience of yourself.

I am dedicated to living an undefended life and showing up as my own most authentic and true self. I'd be honored to assist you in exploring the same.

Awareness Coaching offers the opportunity to:

  • Learn to live Life undefended
  • Navigate Life’s transitions
  • Live consciously
  • Focus on the subtle energy of your Life
  • Tease apart triggers that reveal blocks and shadow pieces
  • Explore what brings energy into your Life
  • Lean into your Life challenges
  • Explore Relationship as a mirror that provides feedback and insight into your Life
  • Find resolution

Nothing you see here can match the value of a consultation phone call or cup of tea where we will decide if what I have to offer is a good fit. Give me a call and we can start from there.

Enjoy the journey, remember to play and laugh.

With Deep Presence,

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The standard fee is $125 per session. A sliding scale is available upon request.

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