'Conversations with God' Quotes Meditation App

A great quote can change your life.  It can inspire you, comfort you, wake you up, make you think, motivate you, and so much more.  But there's a reason this CWG app is called Quotes Meditation ... You see, Neale is hoping that you will not just "read" his quotes.  He’s hoping that you will not just say, "Mmm, that's deep" and then get on with your day. Neale’s desire is to help you INTERNALIZE the messages, FEEL them in your body, and be able to APPLY them in order to create more love, more peace, and more joy in your life.

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Your Own Conversation with God App

Having your own conversation with God is a truly wonderful experience.  Sadly though, many people feel they can't have such an experience themselves.  But what if they could?  What if anyone could ask God anything, knowing the answers they seek could be right there, waiting for them? What if you, yourself, could be invited to dissolve fear and uncertainty and experience a deep sense of peace and joy... anytime, anywhere? You can.

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