Neale is happy to announce that iGOD, a documentary tracing the origins of the concept of God and how the various beliefs and doctrines have evolved to the present day, is now available. The distributor is Beyond Words Publishing, the team behind the distribution of many fine films, including The Secret. iGOD is a film that will be watched again and again, as we hope to engender an ongoing dialogue on God, and examine the possibility that humankind has misunderstood the nature of God. Perhaps it is time to explore those misunderstandings. Perhaps if God could say only one thing to the human race, she just might say, “You’ve got me all wrong!”

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Deep Study 3 DVD Workshop

Deep study examines the body of work created by Neale. Students with very diverse backgrounds came together in Ashland, Oregon, for three days to discuss the fundamental axioms of the entire Conversations with God material and how they apply to everyday life. This 3 disc series takes you through the many questions that the material itself raises. Sit back and watch Neale gives responses to many of today's life challenges. It's as close as it comes to attending the actual seminar.


Of Yesterday and Tomorrow

In January, 2010, two extraordinary people - spiritual messenger Neale Donald Walsch and futurist and visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard - sat down together for three days to explore Barbara's remarkable 80+ years on this planet. This 5-DVD set documents this conversation, as they looked at the past, at Futures Possible, and at Barbara's vision of the Birthing of Humanity into the cosmic community of highly evolved beings.

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The Happier Than God Workshop

Join Neale in this 7 hour, 4 DVD Set as he guides you on a journey towards becoming happier than you have ever been before. You can achieve this easily, start by investiing time in studing this video. This video contains hours of fascinating new material as well as fresh takes on the previous topics including many intriguing question and answers sessions.

If you have been unable to attend the live workshop, this is a way to have the workshop come to you.