The Homecoming

It was in the middle of 2009 that Neale Donald Walsch made a promise to himself that he would no longer travel as much as he had during the prior decade—which had escalated to the point where he was gone 32 weeks out of the year. There were just three things that he wanted to ensure…

  1. That he could still get the message of Conversations with God out to as many people as wished to receive it.
  2. That he could provide a way for those who yearned to explore the material more seriously—toward the end of not only using it in their lives, but possibly even sharing it with others—to grapple with its messages on an intimate basis, wrestling with its concepts in highly personal interactions with the person who brought them through.
  3. That he could share with as many people as possible the knowledge that they can have their own conversation with God---and demonstrate for them a way that they can do that, offering an opportunity for them to have the experience then and there.

In pursuit of this goal, Neale created several outreach programs that could keep him at home and yet keep the message flowing. These activities include Spiritual Renewal Retreats every year, the CWG Spiritual Mentoring Program, and Each has its own purpose, each its own agenda and format, allowing Neale maximum flexibility in his continuing efforts to place the messages of Conversations with God into the world.

The latest of these programs, called The Homecoming, offers Neale a chance to sit down with people in a way that is unlike any other --- in his own home. This event is extremely informal, with no rigid format or agenda, no "end product" that is promised, and no outcome that anyone is attempting to produce. There is only the pure and unencumbered experience that maximum synergy and total freedom from form could eventuate.

It is, in short, an open-ended discussion, a grand exploration, both a discourse and an exchange, with a handful of people (usually less than 12), in Neale's living room. 

The next Homecoming Programs will take place

April 19-23, 2017

July 12-16, 2017

The experience is one of sitting down with Neale from 9 a.m. each morning until 6 p.m. each evening in the living room of his home in Ashland, Oregon, for free-flowing conversation and exploration. Shared sleeping accommodations (2 beds to a room) are in the home, and all meals are also provided.

(Please note: If you do not feel you can sleep well in a room shared with a same gender person in separate beds for reasons of allergies or sensitivity to sounds or fragrance, you may be unable to attend this program. Private, individual sleeping arrangements are not available onsite. If you would like to attend the event but sleep in a room by yourself, you may choose to book accommodations at any one of several lodgings nearby, at your own expense. The price of the program at the house remains the same even if you stay offsite.)

Saturday evening members of the group will have an opportunity (it is optional for each) to view a film in the house on the big screen TV: Conversations with God: The Movie. Neale will talk about the film the next day, and discuss in an intimate way the year that he spent living on the street, and what he learned from the experience.

These five days offer unparalleled personal access to the material contained in the extraordinary CWG books (and to anything else that anyone wants to touch upon and look at deeply with the person who brought that material through).

The Homecoming is an opportunity for a limited number of people who feel they have the time, the energy, the personal resources, the ability, and the desire to co-create such a singular experience.

Program Cost:  $2,995


TO REGISTER FOR JULY 12-16, 2017Click Here

We realize that this is not a program for everyone. We offer the Homecoming several times a year, with space for only 9 people to stay together in Neale’s home. When these spaces are all taken there may be an opportunity to still have a space in the program and stay offsite. *When the nine spaces are all taken, your ‘order’ will be declined and you can call Will Richardson at 352-442-2244 to discuss the opportunity to still be a part of the group, while staying off site.

Cancellation Policy:

75% of all fees paid will be refunded if a person cancels their participation more than 30 days prior to this program. Should a person cancel less than 30 days prior to the start of this program, all monies received for the program will be retained, with no refund given. However, it is possible -- but not guaranteed --that this program could be offered again in the future. If so, and you would like to register for that possible future event, your fees paid but not refunded may be brought forward and applied to a future registration.

This policy is necessary because, by registering for this program, you are asking us to hold a place for you in a very limited-space event--a space which we cannot offer to anyone else. The only exception to this policy will be the death of a member of your immediate family (defined as your spouse, grandmother or grandfather, mother or father, child or sibling).