Begin Your Conversation with God

I wish this was a required book to read as our relationship and understanding of “God” would completely change and we would finally receive a “true” concept of God from a human perspective.
James Van Praagh, renowned medium and
NY Times bestselling author of Talking To Heaven

Neale Donald Walsch, once again, beautifully demonstrates our innate oneness with the God-presence and the myriad ways It speaks to and guides us in every area of our lives.
Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder & CEO,
Agape International Spiritual Center

I am very happy to be sharing news with you about a new book in the CWG body of work, and I am grateful that some of my colleagues, as noted above, feel that this latest entry is worthy of your attention.  This is not a dialogue with The Divine, but a book about how you can have your own Conversation with God. In it, I explain how God talks to all of us in a hundred ways across a thousand moments, using feelings, words, images, ideas, metaphors, and events that can change lives for the better forever.

On these pages you'll find out how God can suddenly reveal Itself in unexpected, unforgettable, mysterious, and miraculous ways, leaving behind a powerful message that can touch you continuously for the rest of your days. The book contains not only a sharing of my personal story and process, but the inspiring, first-person re-telling by others of real-life episodes in their lives of God communicating with them, including those of:
• a mother whose answers came through a vision of her child
• a woman who was reassured her health condition would be healed
• a teacher whose unexpected message helped her connect with her students
• a scientist whose experience of God dramatically changed his life
• a single mom who realized that God answered her prayers

I offer a commentary on each person's experience, helping readers to integrate these remarkable accounts into the larger CWG cosmology, seeing how it all falls under the heading of the five-word message God gave me to share with the world: "You've got me all wrong."  Then I invite you to experience your own conversations, offering you a six-step process that emerged from my encounters with The Divine. I'm hoping that with this book, you'll discover profound, yet simple, insights into what you can do to deepen the dialogue, once you become tuned into God talking to you.

GODTALK will help you see that you can be having conversations with God all the time.

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